Fritzbox TR064-Binding: Frequent false online/offline status since FritzOS Release 7.20

Hi, I use the Fritzbox TR064 binding e.g. for monitoring network devices and presence-detection of smartphones. This worked fine with FritzOS 7.12, but (exactly) since FritzOS 7.20 release, I get frequent alerts from Openhab that some WIFI devices are offline (which they are not at that time). This happens up to 10-40 times a day.

The problem is not the binding, but the Fritzbox. I have run tests using FritzConnection with the same results.

I am wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue?

This would help with getting the issue escalated with AVM support, who does not see the problem/priority yet (even after lengthy emails and exchange of log files) ;-).

Same Problem here with 7.21 :(.
Many WLan Devices, especially mobile phones are going off and on again every couple of minutes…

Any Ideas what the problem can be?

I had the same issue since 7.20 was released. The only thing I changed was the activation of WPA3. A couple of days ago I switched back to WPA2 only and since then my phones online status has been reliable.

hmm interesting, I always have been on WPA2 (CCMP).

Using FritzOS 7.21 with tr064 and also discovering on and off especially of the mobile phones. I am still using WPA2 (CCMP) only. Can not say, since when it is this way.

I only recognized this because I looked into the logs because of this post. My presence detection works on a combination of tr064-, network-binding and re-checking after one and after a second minute. This is very stable and i can not remeber any false detections.

With my devices I basically do the same. If tr064- or network-binding detects a device offline I wait a minute and check if both bindings have the device offline, then i do whatever to solve the problem.