Fritzbox TR064 binding

I‘ve installed fritzbox tr064 binding for being notified about incoming calls using alexa tts.

My first question is: When will the phonebook being downloaded from the fritzbox? On every refresh interval? And where will the data be stored?

I’ve the following problem:
I have multiple contacts which are using the same type of number. for example: phil has two home numbers stored in the phonebook. When phil calls me from hist first number all works as suspected. But even he calls me from the second number, the binding resolves the number to “Name not found for …”. After changing the type of number from home to a type which is not in use (mobile, for example), the name resolution works.

By the way: I have to click “Save” in the settings page for the binding in PaperUI, to force the phonebook to be downloaded. But after that name resolution will be done twice for each call. Pressing the save button again, will furhter increase the number of resulutions. Is this by design?

Is the binding still in development?

Thank you for your help!



Hi Oliver
i´m using the TR064 since oH 1.8.x and worked my way through updates and new features of this binding.
As far as i know the binding is still maintained but there´s no active development.
It´s still an oH 1 binding and doesn´t have a oH 2 version.

  1. With every start of the binding, so only when oH is started or the binding is manually restarted
  2. No, the refresh interval is not used for the phonebook
  3. I don´t know, but i would assume inside userdata/cache as a binary file.

I made a quick test and you´re right.
A second number stored with the same type won´t be recognized by the binding.
But the binding is reading this second number.
I changed the logging to DEBUG and had a look at the import.

2019-01-09 17:29:28.274 [DEBUG] [ritzboxtr064.internal.PhoneBookEntry] - <contact>
<realName>Michael </realName>
<!-- emails:1-->
<email classifier="private"></email>
<!-- numbers:2-->
<number prio="1" type="mobile" vanity="">+49 172 123456</number>
<number prio="" type="mobile" vanity="">+49 163 654321</number>
<!-- idx:12 -->
<!-- ringtoneidx:nil -->

The second number has no prio.
But it also has no prio when changed to another type like work instead of mobile like the first number.

I don´t think so.
But i´m using the fritzboxtr064.cfg file and not the PaperUI

I would open Github issues for this as this seems to be bug or something never thinked about when writing the binding.

kind regards

OFFTOPIC: For curiosity. Are you abe to turn on/off call divertion? I can turn on/off the voicemail, but call divertion can not be changed from OH. If you change it on fritzbox UI the state changes for OH as well, but not the other way around. I have a 7490. WOUld love to see if this works somehwere else.

I´m not using the call deflection as my ISP isn´t supporting a call deflection on provider level.
As my current contract doesn´t include mobile calls i´m not using this feature.

I´ll have a look at the possibilities with my FritzBox 7580 and come back to you.