FritzBox Tr064: Presence detection / Fritzbox 7390 and 2 WLAN Repeater / Configure every device seperatly?

Hello Community!

I have the following home network running:

-Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7390
-Fritz!WLAN Repeater 300E
-Fritz!WLAN Repeater 450E

All the devices share the same SSID, installed on different locations over my house.
I am using the Fritz LAN Bridge mode:

In my services/fritzboxtr064.cfg i use:

## Binding for accessing FritzBoxes using the TR064 protocol. Uses http(s) requests.

# URL. Either use http://<fbox-ip>:49000 or https://<fbox-ip>:49443 (https preferred!)

# Refresh Interval (60000ms default)

# User Name (only use this value if you configured a user in fbox webui/config!)
# If this parameter is missing, "dslf-config" is used as default username
# It is recommended to to switch to authentication by username in fritzbox config
# and add a separate config user for this binding.

# PW

In my AVM.items file i use:

Contact cFboxAndiOnline "Handy (Wifi) [MAP(]" <network> (gSteuerung) {fritzboxtr064="maconline:B4-9D-0B-XX-XX-XX" }

to detect if a users Smartphone is online.

My question is:
Do i have to configure a seperate additionaly file for each of the Repeaters or is the main Fritzbox Binding enough to detect the smartphone presence over the whole network?

It’s enough to configure only the main fritzbox.
But - here presence detection does not work correctly with repeaters (I use a 7490 and a 7390 as repeater), see FritzBox TR-064 Binding - Problem with latest firmware update and device online/offline state

I have the same problem – the presence detection doesn’t work when my cellphone is signed into the repeater instead of the Fritz-Box itself.
It seems that the presence detection should be available through the TR064 binding (c.f. However, there seems to be no openhab integration for this code, right?
Have you found another way to detect the presence via the TR064 binding within openhab? (Trying to detect the presence via network binding and ping doesn’t work either with Android 7 because of the sleep mode).

edit: Interestingly it seems to be possible to enter the repeater IP in the binding configuration to get the status of the cell phones connected to it. So it might be possible to have a workaround by defining 2 TR064-bindings (one for the fritz-box and one for the repeater) – is this possible in some way?

You should consider moving your presence detection to the network binding which works independent of the number of APs and repeaters.

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My network consists of a FB 6490, 2 FB 7490, a 310 and a 1750e Repeater. I use actual Laborversionen at both 7490 and at the 1750E. One of the 7490 is configured as a Mesh-Master and the presence of my devices at any AP will shown correct in OH. May this works for me, cause of the Mesh-Network.

Hi. The problem has been reported more than a year ago. Is there a solution? I am experiencing the same problem.
I found a solution for FHEM ( but not for openHab :frowning:

With the latest official firmware on FritzBox 7490 and Repeater, presence detection works fine here.