fritzboxTR064 item definition how to pass parameter/value to map transformation

Dear all,

I managed to setup the Fritzbox TR064 binding and can use the examples. However I have three different incoming numbers and instead of displaying the number in the frontend I’d like to display more convencient names (personal, work, fax)

I therefore set up a map transformation file with my phone numbers as keys and above mentioned names as values. But I’m struggeling to pass the information to the item name in the items definition.

The example given in the docs is:

Call    fboxIncomingCall    "Incoming call: [%1$s to %2$s]"     {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_ringing" }

Where %2$s returns the number of the caller. %1$s returns the number which is called and which I want to be transformed by a map transformation.

I have not found a way to pass an argument or specific value to be transformed to the map transformation.

Any hints on my stupidity :wink: workarounds etc. are appreciated

Cheers Elmar


  • Call monitor is activated and confirmed working
  • Transformations worked at other places as well

Have you looked here?

It should look something like that:

Call    fboxIncomingCall    "Incoming call: [MAP($s to MAP($s]"     {fritzboxtr064="callmonitor_ringing" }
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