Fritztaha EXPIRED WARN Logging

Is the issues 470 open?

I get WARN
2015-09-30 12:59:58.937 [WARN ] [ipse.jetty.client.HttpExchange] - EXPIRED FritzahaContentExchange@1a1822d=GET//>EXPIRED(0ms)sent=3964ms

I set the Timeout in the openhab.cfg to 3 minutes.

Test im Browser get the right answer:
“MM_Value_Power” : “5636” ,“MM_Value_Volt” : “232164” ,“MM_Value_Amp” : “4590” ,“Value_Valid” : “2” ,“CurrentDateInSec” : “1443617009” ,“DeviceID” : “16” ,“tabType” : “” ,“DeviceConnectState” : “2” ,“RequestResult” : “1”

I see a similar problem. The response time (in my case for homeautoswitch.lua) continually increases after an openHAB restart until it finally exceeds the given timeout. No matter how much you specify.


I opened an issue today, please see

Did anyone has more details about the why and how to prevent?
If so, please update the issue so that we can work on a solution.

Thanks J.