From influxdb 1 (TICK Stack) to influxdb 2

hi folks,

I’m planning to move from influxdb 1.8 to 2.0, and if I well understood with the new 2.0 I don’t need to install all the TICK suite (telegraf, influxdb, cronograf, kapacitor).

Is that correct? Anyone already did that migration and can explain a bit the new set?

Thank you


You didn’t need that with any influx version. It was always only InfuxDB to be installed, all other stuff is and was only if you want to use it “your way”.
Same is for Grafana, of course.

The main difference between InfluxDB 1 vs. 2 is that InfluxDB2 always provides a rich featured Web UI for to configuring and querying the database. As the query language is much different between InfluxDB 1 an 2, this part seems to be essential to gain success.

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Thank you Udo

In case, are you using influxdb 2? Docker?

Thanks again

Yes, I’m using InfluxDB2 (2.7.1 - recently updated :slight_smile: ) As I am using a Proxmox Cluster, my preferred method for Containers is LXC, although I have some Docker Containers, too.

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Did you migrate the db from 1.8 to 2.0? In case do you have a good “how-to” to be followed?


here are the instructions:

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No, I built a new Database from scratch. I was not able to upgrade vom InfluxDB 0.x to 1.y in the past and I don’t need the data for other purposes as nice charts, I’m using a MariaDB in addition :slight_smile: So I didn’t even try to rescue my old Influx data.