From Newbie to Newbie

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If you have time to mock all the hardware and communications that would be required for this, go for it!
That’d be great.

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That’s what I mean, it’s basically mission impossible. Even if you managed to mock/reverse engineer a (often proprietary) device, the next firmware upgrade will likely invalidate the mock. So the reality is, the users are basically the “automated testers” (selenium testers if you will). With this reality in mind, my need was for a quick an painless rollback of the whole setup - the results of which are posted above.

very nice i want to start using proxmox , anything changed since last guide?
edit: i replied to auther not sure why it replied here

Does anyone know how to get the zigbee2mqtt stick to show up as /dev/ttyACM0 when passing through via USB?

It only creates /dev/ttyACM0 on the host before passthrough.

After passthrough I see the device under lsusb but without the corresponding /dev/ttyACM0.