From Paper-UI to Items file

I have some Things (Channel to Item) in my Items file, but most are autodetected bij paper-ui

To keep more overview and add tags for my amazon echo, I want everything in my items file

I removed some linked items from paper-ui, but they appear again in paper-ui

  • Is that corret?
  • Is it at all possible to define ALL items in an items file (if I use 2.0 bindings)
  • Has anyone walked this way once?

Does anyone have any tips …

My goal is more overview and easier managing items and tags

Or is it better to leave the auto-detected things just in paper-ui and wait for a function to add tags

Theoretically it is possible but practically done bindings, ZWave in particular makes it very difficult. The problem with ZWave I believe is that the format of the Thing for almost every single device is different making documenting it untenable.

Look at the readmes for each binding you are using. If it always to fully document its Things you should be good to define everything in files.

@rlkoshak Thanks for your answer

  • Does anyone know if items defined in my items file also appear in paper-ui?
  • And is there a way to to provide automatically detected items from a tag?

I thought I knew quite a bit about openhab, but I still feel surprised

thx to all community members

They do show but you can’t change them through PaperUI.

I don’t know anything about tags.

A lot of people manage automatically discovered Things in PaperUI but define all their Items in text files. This let’s you get past the problem I mentioned above but still have full control over your items at least.

Ok, automatically detected “stuff” I live in paper-UI and I add the corresponding items to my items files.
And I can add the tags and groups in my items file.

Thanks for the clarification.

Ok, so right now, the item needs to be defined in items-file if you want to add it to a group?

No, groups can be defined through PaperUI. This thread was about tags.

Groups you can do in Paper-UI, I have not been able to enter tags via Paper-UI

Found the group functionality in PAPER-UI (Configuration, Items, New Item, Type:group).
Thanks for helping a beginner, growing the community, you are great!

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