Fronius and rules for Melcloud

Good morning guys.

Thanks to the quarantine in Spain (already spent 25 days at home) Ive been playing with openhab. Amazing platform and I have to say I dont event know how i manage to get to the point I am now.

Well, here is the situation I have, Fronius and Melcloud binding working perfectly.
My idea is, when AC POWER generated by my solar instalation is enought send an order to Melcloud and turn on a AC machine.

I did some test on the paper UI, but I asume it should be a little more complicated.

Any help would be more than apreciated.

Thanks in advance, and I really hope I posted on the proper section.

I have a item from fronius that shows if and how much Watts is send to the grid
If I send >2000 to the grid it turns on my heatpump and once I start to consume Watts from the grid (>500) the heatpump is going back to Eco mode

rule "SG Ready 1 automatisch ein aus"
	Item PV_CALC_GridFeed changed
	if (RULE_PV_BOOST_AUTOMATIK.state == ON && PV_CALC_GridFeed.state>2000 && Stiebel_SGReadyEingang1.state == 0)   { 		// die Automatik ist an, Einspeisung ist groesser als 2000 und SG Ready PV Switch ist noch nicht auf eingeschaltet
					sendCommand(Stiebel_SGReadyEingang1, 1) 							// SG Ready Switch 1 einschalten; PV Boost startet
					logInfo("Heizung", "PV Boost automatisch eingeschaltet")


	else if (PV_CALC_GridConsumption.state>500 && Stiebel_SGReadyEingang1.state == 1)   { 		// der forcierte PV Betrieb ist an aber mittlerweile muss Strom vom Netz bezogen werden

					logInfo("Heizung", "Netzbezug während PV Boost eingeschaltet ist")

	else	{
				logInfo("Heizung", "Boost skipped")


That was a quick answer! Thank you very much for it, ill see what I can do.