Fronius Binding: 2 inverter and Battery


I have installed the fronius Binding to my two Fronius inverter and get the data.

But I don’t know how to get the Data combined to get all the data I normally see in the Froniusportal Solarweb, like Battery state of charge and so one.

Does anyone have solved this or knows a good documentation?


I can’t talk about the state-of-charge as I don’t see a specific item for that.
But for the rest I’m using the following items to visualize and interact based on the flow of data:
PowerConsumption is how much you are currently using.
PowerGrid is how much you are either putting into the grid (negative number) or getting out of the grid (positive number) right now.
ACPower is how much your solar panels are producing at the moment.

I’m using the PowerGrid number to trigger the charging of my electric car. So let me know if you have any questions. Just mention my name here and I get notified.

Best, Christian

Oh, and BatteryPower is probably how much power is put into the battery at the moment.
I don’t use that though because I don’t have a battery.

If it helps this is what I see.

I want to build the chart like on the solarweb portal in Openhab

Does anybody has experience with that?

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Count me in to test any solution. Fronius Solar web was the reason I started on OH :slight_smile:

Could we start working with these hints:

Yes, this would be great, to make the UI in Openhab 3.

But I still have no clue how to combine the data of my 2 Fronius inverter to get the data for a chart like in the solarweb portal.

I don’t know if this is a problem with more than one inverter or if this is a special problem with the Fronius battery I’ve got.

Does anyone else has a Fronius Battery in use?