Fronius binding - export limiting possible?

long time openHAB user and a big fan :slight_smile: Everything in my house is controlled by openHAB. Now it is time to get solar panels and to that a Fronius Inverter.

Goal description: my system will (when circumstances are optimal) generate more than my three phase line in/out accepts (3 x 16 Ampere). Since the consumption of the house is never zero, this scenario will not be a problem very often but it will happen I guess: (Production - Consumption) > [the accepted output to the grid].

For this reason I would like to actually limit the output from the Fronius inverter through the binding the few times when this happens. There is a possibility to do this if I use a Fronius Smart Meter in the Fronius itself (“Export limiting”). But since I have Tibber as my company for electricity (and also the binding installed), I already have the necessary data in real time (Production and Consumption) from them. Therefore it would be nice to handle this directly through the binding. But from what I see, there is only a possibility to read values from the inverter, not actually set a value.

Have I misunderstood something? If it is not in the binding today, is there any plan to add this functionality to the binding in the future?

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I don’t have a Fronius so cannot answer.
Generally speaking, a binding just passes on what the inverter offers so don’t ask the binding programmers but check your inverter docs. Other than that, move ahead yourself. Try writing to this field and see what happens.

I own a Fronius Inverter. There is a Limit in the Inverter that will be configured while launch.
there are two options, either hard limit or percentage of production (my solar power plant does 9.88 kW peak, and the limit is to feed 70% to the grid. So, when I have a power consumption of 3 kW, the Inverter is not limited at all, and if my consumption is 0 W, it’s limited to 7 kW.

You’ll need a smart power meter or at least a power meter with S0 output to get the consumption.
It’s not allowed to control such things through openHAB.

Thank you for your very clear explanation - now I know and I will do as you say. Thanks!