Fronius Binding - Value "Power Flow" always from PowerInverter 1 (I have 2 Inverters ..)


I added the Fronius Binding and I have one issue with value “Power Flow”:

I have two Fronius Power Inverters, so I added 2 “Things” “fronius:powerinverter”,
with device ID 1 and ID 2.
When calling Point “Power Flow”, I get back the same value for each Inverter,
it’s the actual watts value for Inverter 1.

Who is able to look into the Fronius Binding ?

Are both inverters accessible through a single ip address / controller?

Have you tried making a direct request to the inverter?

I am totally new to openHAB, so I was only able to install the Fronius Binding,
and as additional Things, my two Symo “Power Inverters”.

The source of data is the Fronius “Datamanager 2.0” card, which indeed has just one IP adress.
You cannot call the two Inverters directly, the Power Inverters are connected
to the “Datamanager 2.0” card via “Fronius Solar.Net”.

The “Fronius Solar.Net” is a bus system, every device on the bus has a “Device ID”.
The “Datamanager 2.0” card is “Device 0”.
For every other device (Power Inverter, Smart Meter etc, …) You have to set
a specific Device ID (other than 0 …).

Back to the issue of the binding:
Every Point I used until now, works as expected.
Both Power Inverters deliver their specific data - as expected.

ONYL Point “Power Flow” is wrong.
Requesting Point “Power Flow” from Inverter 2 returns the “Power Flow” value from Inverter 1.

When “creating Points from Thing” on the “Model” page,
the binding creates a Point “Power Flow” for each Power Inverter ID.

As You can see here, the binding returns the same value for the two different Power Inverters:
Both Points return the power flow value of Inverter One.

Even in the title of the Point You can see/read that there’s something wrong.

As You can see here, Point “State of Charge” also returns the Value of Inverter One
instead of the different values of the two Inverters.

Instead, Point “Status Code” works as expected.

Can you post your relevant things and items config?

Yes, I can do that tonight.

I am totally new to openHAB.
In which sub-directory + File do I find this config data ?
Or can this be found under the CODE tab, inside openHAB ?

The text in the code tab should do, I think

UID: fronius:bridge:f95b142b55
label: Fronius Bridge
thingTypeUID: fronius:bridge
refreshInterval: 5

UID: fronius:powerinverter:f95b142b55:800a5747e7
label: Fronius Symo Inverter 3 kW
thingTypeUID: fronius:powerinverter
deviceId: 1
bridgeUID: fronius:bridge:f95b142b55

UID: fronius:powerinverter:34dc044aac
label: Fronius Symo Inverter 6 kW
thingTypeUID: fronius:powerinverter
deviceId: 2
bridgeUID: fronius:bridge:f95b142b55

And this is the two Items that do deliver the same value,
in both cases coming from Inverter 1:

label: Power Flow (Inverter 1)
type: Number:Power
category: “”

  • Fronius_Symo_Inverter_3_kW
    groupType: None
    function: null
  • Point

label: Power Flow (Inverter 1)
type: Number:Power
category: “”

  • Fronius_Symo_Inverter_6_kW
    groupType: None
    function: null
  • Point

The current Fronius binding only supports returning the data from Inverter 1 (device ID 1).

I have made some modifications so that it would support multiple inverters, based on the configured deviceId for the Inverter Thing.

Please test by downloading and saving this jar file into your openhab addons folder:

Note that if you did this, be sure to remember to delete this custom jar file once this fix has been merged and you’ve upgraded your openhab installation.

Alternatively, use this command in your Karaf console:

bundle:update org.openhab.binding.fronius

Once it’s installed, you should see that the old channels for Power and State of Charge for inverter1 is marked DEPRECATED. Two new channels are added:

powerflowinverterpower and powerflowinvertersoc (Note the old channels have 1 in them).

Please use those channels for your corresponding items instead.

The old channels powerflowinverter1power and powerflowinverter1soc are still there to maintain compatibility - but depending on what other maintainers decide, they may be removed.

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I wasn’t aware of the fact that the data from my Power Inverter 2 are all invalid.
Thanks for the work !

Tonight I tried to install the fix, but it looks like I trashed my installation,
the screen inside the browser is fully black.

“Version 1”, saving the jar file into my openhab addons folder, had no effect.
Where can I read about how to do it the right way ?

I also tried “Version 2”, calling "bundle:update org.openhab.binding. …
But got no updated Items / points.

Learning by doing …

Is this the right way to install the .jar file ?
( Installation via the addons-folder - link to Bundle Management webside of openHAB)

Yes that’s a more detailed information about how to install the custom jar.

The easiest is by first uninstalling the binding, then putting the jar into the addons folder

You’d actually have to create new items using the new channels. One for each inverter. The items won’t be automatically created

I’ll try this evening, thanks for Your help !

I shouldn’t do things like that late at night … now:

Screenshot (76)

Sun is nearly down now, so I can’t verify the shown data today … :face_exhaling:

And this looks good, too …

Screenshot (77)