Fronius Symo Gen24 and smartmeter in OH3

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might be a silly question:
I run OH3 (latest stable, 3.0.2) and just got a FRONIUS Symo Gen24 (with the build-in datalogger) and a Fronius Smartmeter connected via modbus to the inverter.
I´ve installed the Fronius-binding, and I got the option to add a bridge as well as a power-inverter via “add thing”. Both working like a charm. But there is no bullet to add a meter?

Do i have to add this (as the only thing for me currently) via a things-file? Or did I miss something else??

Many thanks in advance for kind help :wink:

I guess, there is no need for connecting the inverter, cause you get all the information via the inverter (incl. smartmeter data).

You are just “mostly” right.
The issue is, if the inverter do not get enough power from the plant AND the battery is out of power, the inverter is partly shutting down (anytime during the night) and then I do not get the value for the overall AC-Power anymore. (See the red “Stromverbrauch” on the graph)
Also I do not see the current distribution on the different power-lines via the inverter, this info is just shown on the meter.

Hi @scha, The support for smart meter is available on Openhab 3.2 for smart meter model 63A. If yours is model 65A, the support was just merged into today’s 3.3.0-snapshot.

It’s indeed a TS 65A-3.
Cool, Thanks for letting me know, will check in near future (currently I run stable V3.2).
I´ve worked around in the meantime as I own a OpenWB Wallbox also since a while, which is more than genius in terms of integrations. So i let the wallbox collect all the data from the PV, the smartmeter and the battery and read them (and much more) via MQTT from the OpenWB into openhab.

Just to let all know: Works like a charm right now after the update :wink:

Kudos to @JimT

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@scha what greatful plot! how is this possible in openhab?

That’s easy: Create a page with a chart on it and put all the items in you want to see…
(Not sure, whether this answer you question, PM me if you want to know more)