Fronius Symo goes offline

Hi, my electrician installed yesterday Fronius Symo 5.0 inverter. My problem is that it goes offline in 5mins or so I can’t connect to it via web browser when it is in offline. I have setup the LAN connection and after switching off/on the AC part it stays alive for some minutes and then goes offline. I have tried to google for this problem and followed e.g. following instructions on Fronius web site Having problems with a device. I also updated the firmware to the latest version.

I’m really pissed off. First problem was hot to setup LAN connection. In the setup menu there is only setup for Wifi but I didn’t want to use Wifi. It took a while before I found instructions how to setup the LAN connection.

Any ideas?

When using wifi mine used to get disconnected every now and then (maybe every few days). I forgot what I had to do to reconnect but it didn’t need me to turn it off/on. Just had to set the access point mode on/off (forgot exactly how) via the physical button on the inverter.

I now connect its ethernet port to a wifi extender, and it has been rock solid ever since.

I tried to use Wifi at first but I don’t think the Wifi signal is too low because my Wifi router is only 5m away from the inverter. With Wifi the inverter went offline constantly. Same problem with LAN. Nothing happens when I press any button underneath the display. The inverter is just dead. I managed to setup the bridge only in Fronius binding and after switching off/on the inverter the Fronius bridge is alive for some mins and then it goes offline.

If I had known about this problem I would have stayed away from Fronius. The instruction which came with the inverter are really pathetic. Few tens of pages how to make electrical connections. I managed to download instructions for Modbus and Modbus registers but nothing about setting up the LAN.

I have spent countless hours since last Christmas when migrating from Homeseer via Home Assistant finally to openHAB and played around with several different Modbus devices. I have to say that this Fronius is the worst one.

firstly, is it a hardware issue or an openhab / biinding issue?

From reading your posts above, it sounds like a hardware issue and has nothing to do with openhab. My fronius has been very reliable and I’ve had it for more than 2 years. Shouldn’t you contact your supplier for a warranty claim if it isn’t working properly?

Yes, it’s a hardware issue. I just wanted to say that openHAB bridge works when the inverter is alive.

I think I need to contact the supplier today. I was just wondering whether anybody else has experienced this problem and if there was a simple solution to it.

Now I’m wondering whether this offline issue is due to that there is no yet power coming from the solar panels.

I contacted the supplier. There is an easy solution to this problem. I just had to enable the Night mode.

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This should be mentioned in the binding’s document

Yes, I agree with you. I just had a quick look at the Fronius biding documentation and there is nothing about “Night mode”. There was also nothing in the manual that came with the inverter. I was really frustrated because when I googled for offline I couldn’t find any posts mentioning this “Night mode”.