Fronius Symo Inverter with smartmeter in OH3, using text file config

Basically you look at it from the fronius “Box” perspective. Anything that comes INTO the box is positive and anything that goes OUT from the box is negative.

Things that flow into the box:

  • Power you draw from the grid
  • Power that comes from the solar panel

Things that flow OUT from the box:

  • Power that goes to the load in the house
  • Power that feeds back to the grid (power from grid is positive but when it flows out to the grid it’s the negative of power “from” grid)

The total sum of power in + out = 0

So be able to “isolate” an item to household consumption, I will have to calculate in/out in a script?

Hi Simon.
Do you get any udates from these three channels?
I have a 10kW Symo Gen24 inverter, and I get no updates about day, total and year? Other channels are working fine.

I’m also struggeling with calculation of the current load… The Channels gives back wrong values. See screenshots an explanation here: