Front Tail/ Log Viewer on Windows 10

Is there a way to get something like fronttail to view my log on a windows install of OpenHAB? Where you can filter by keyword or phrase?
I know i read that frontail is not supported on Windows… will it ever be?

I am slowly migrating over from my RPI to windows 10 and running the log:tail over karaf sucks when trying to locate a specific item or event.

Any ideas of what to use as a log viewer for my system?


How are you trying to use the logviewer? IMHO using it from the dashboard works ( on Android and Windows etc.), it is not working when connected via myopenhab!

[Edit:] Sorry, I missed the part the you move the openHAB instace onto a Windows machine. THe only possitve comment I found is this.

I know of no similar tool for Windows. However, if you are watching for a specific event, you can use grep in the karaf console. For example, if I just want log statements that include “foo” you can run log:tail | grep foo.

From PowerShell you have lots of options for filtering as you tail the logs too. See How to watch and look through logging.

I have just switch over to using Windows as well and after doing some searching around I found Tailviewer for Windows, its open source and can be found here So far it has been working very well.

Just use powershell - no need for utilties:
powershell get-content openhab-log -tail 15 -wait

+1 on Tailviewer as a Windows log viewer. It’s fast to install, seems lightweight, and is working well for me so far.

I Had the same problem, I run OpenHab on a headless windows server and I needed to access the logs easily from any machine.

I found Logstation which is a small HTTP server than can serve up colour coded log files with filter and tail services.

It works well for me but I’m yet to integrate it with the OpenHAB GUI (if possible)

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Thanks for telling me this!!

This works amazing if I need to just use https for viewging the logs instead of RDP’ing into the server and using Tailviewer!

Any way you know how to make this an automatic service ?

I just use this command in CMD to start it

java -jar C:\OpenHAB2\logstation-0.3.11.jar

To run Logstation as a service I used NSSM.
Basically it allows any executable to run as a service.

Its a little tricky to setup but once done it works.
With LogStation being a JAVA app you need to use Java as the application and Logstation as the Arguments for the App.

Here’s a screenshot of what i’ve done.

I’m no expert but let me know if you have trouble and i will try to help but please read and understand what NSSM is before asking me.

Note: i have no affiliation with NSSM or LogStation. I just found they provided a solution that worked for me.