Frontail log not configurable (+ weird looking design)

I’ve used the frontail log on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ for a while, which always looked like this:

Now as I completely reinstalled openHABian and also the frontail log, it looks like this…

and no matter what I change in the configuration file, nothing changes.

What’s the reason for this?

Thanks four your help!

Are you on master tree ? If not switch to master; reinstall frontail.
This should fix the issue.

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You mean of openHABian or frontail itself?

In openhabian-config menu you can change to master tree. Once you are in master tree you have access to more recent developed configuration. For frontail that means the frontail configuration will include a missing css “link”. Having that available the styles / layout of frontail will change.

I have once again reinstalled the OS because the “Upgrade” option from the config always crashed and resulted in an error.
I have now v1.5 of openHABian installed, v1.6-alpha did not quite work for me, it also looked strange, but a bit better.

Anyways, I solved it now…
Thanks for your help!

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