Frontail log viewer not installed/running by default in latest openhabian 2.5.6-2

Maybe @mstormi knows??

I just installed a fresh copy of openhabian version 2.5.6-2 on my Rpi 4 (boot from USB).
I noticed the frontail logviewer wasnt running. The link on the dashboard is there, but the service isnt running when I click it (ie http://ip:9001).

I had to install it manually through openhabian-config setup menu 21. After that it worked just fine again.

Is this an error?

I´m pretty sure previous versions had the Frontail logviewer running by default. I use the log viewer all the time. So its the first thing I check when I have updated and/or installed a new fresh version.

Edit 1 - Just rebooted the setup, and now frontail logviewer doesnt work again…

EDIT 2 - I think there is a very long delay somewhere… Right after writing the above regard it wasnt working… It started to work again…

EDIT 3 - Something is surely wrong… I just restarted openhab again, and again I cant get the frontail logviewer to work. I get a connection refused when I try to enter the usual url http://ip:9001
After several minutes of waiting and trying, all of a sudden it works again.

My previous Rpi4 setup was running openhabian 2.5.6-1, and did not have this issue.
Only difference I made, was updating the Rpi4 and its eeprom to be able to do “real” USB boot.
And then I installed a fresh copy of openhabian, which is 2.5.6-2

I have never had any issues with frontail logviewer ever. Its quite annoying cause I use it all the time :frowning: