Frontail needs two lines to log just a single line

I just made a new Installation with openhabian , ssd-card based on a RPi4/2GB. No errors found in first-boot.log

After that I found I found my Logviewer logging this way:

Normal Productive-System shows the Logger:

Even if there are some other points which are “new” or “different” in the new installation, the logging is the first topic I want clear.

Is there anyone to help me or give a hint ?
Thx in advance

Please check the version of frontail:

frontail -V

Please mind the upper case.

Maybe worth mentioning: I have a recent version of openHABian (in a vm) and don’t have any issues, but I have frontail version 4.9.0, the most recent version is 4.9.1 from March 26, and it has a fix to support RPi.

I checked the versions as you wrote and found the following results.
In my running productive system the frontail version is 4.8.0

in the new system which I built up from the scratch, based on the image openhabian-pi-raspios32-202007302224-git0290f04-crcd2852e99.img.xz the frontail version is 4.9.1

Do you think that I should have to downgrade ?

Both Systems running with OH 2.5.7-1