Frontail not working after OH3

Hi, i found a article and did not know if i have to reply over there or make a new one, because its solved already.
I’ll move this if needed.

But i migrated to OH3 with my RPI 3B+, all is reasonably fine, all my devices are working.
But i did notice the Frontail is stuck on the date i migrated.

Then i found this article:

so i searched this file:


i removed the “2” here and here:

i then restarted OH service, but this did not reload the Frontail :slight_smile:

crazely typed: sudo service frontail restart, thought might as well try , no idea if this even exists…
and recieved this:

either way my Frontail is not working yet, but this message worries me more now.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

You should use sudo openhabian-config menu option 21 to reinstall as it will automatically solve the issue.

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Hello @ndye Thank you for the input.
Testing as we speak.

@ndye working perfectly, thank you!