Frontail Stops at 00:56 am

I have followed past solutions, but for me they have not worked.
I am now on my 4th re-installation of Openhabian on a Pi4 8Gb and have tried 2 new 32Gb SD cards.
Here is my setup:

Log details:

After running ‘permissions’ from openhab-config, persistence continues:

Grafana displays logging through the night:

In following past postings, the only time related error I can find is from journalctl, but I’m not sure of the significance:

But frontail just stops, and if I disable zram, all starts working again.

I do hope the screen shots download correctly.

From your description and screenshots I do not fully which actions are triggered by your manual actions.
But in case you haven’t been acting manually at 00:58:51 and this problem happens every night at the same time then I would assume that it could be caused by the nightly zram sync that is mentioned in teh screenshot.

Many thanks for the reply, Wolfgang. My question is how do I enable frontail to continue to run after zram has completed its task?