Frontail stops, restarts on zram uninstall

I raised this issue a few days ago, and thanks to Wolfgang for a prompt response.
As I’m still having problems, I’m seeking more guidance.
I am running the current 64 bit release of Openhabian on a RPi4 8Gb, using a 32Gb SD card (the second brand new one I have tried).
Frontail consistently stops logging in the early hours of the morning. I have followed past threads with interest but with no success.
Not being a Unix expert I have been looking for an error and have come across this issue.
If I run sudo systemctl status frontail.service this error is reported when frontail stops:

If I uninstall zram, frontail restarts:

I’m not too sure where to go next without continuing with openhab without zram.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The most obvious answer would be not to run Frontail overnight. It’s not designed to be a dashboard anyway, it’s a debug tool and you’re the first I heard of to do that. I don’t see any point in doing that.

You could setup a cronjob or systemd timer that restarts the frontail systemd service daily.
There’s tutorials on the net, just g**gle.

Understood. My impression was that frontail constantly ran in the background to catch any issues should they arise. I couldn’t understand the status comment that the log file names had been changed but no mention as to what the new file names had become.
Thanks again.

There is no error shown. Frontail is still running and your logs rotated (see below) and Frontail is now following the new file. The output from Frontail shows it did what is expected and started following the new files after they were rotated.

That’s to be expected. When you remove zram you are essentially changing out the file system where the logs are stored. So from Frontail’s perspective, the files disappeared and then reappeared. And that’s what the output shows is happening.

When log files rotate, the current file is zipped up and a number appended to it and a new file is created to hold the latest logs. If you’ve run out of zipped logs to keep it deletes the oldest one. So openhab.log will always have the latest logs actively being written. openhab.log.X.gz is an older log file that has been rotated off. OH rotates logs based on restart of OH, or the size of the log file.

The output from the status commands show that Frontail is doing what it’s supposed to and following the latest version of the file after the file is rotated.

What may not be working is whether the client side of Frontail continues to show the logs after the server side moves to the new file. If that’s the case, reloading the Frontail page should get it back working again.

In either case, I’d call it a bug in Frontail but since Frontail is by all appearances no longer being maintained (it’s been three years since the last release or even a merged PR) I doubt a fix will be forthcoming, unless there’s a fork of it somewhere that is being maintained I don’t know about.

Nah if that is what you are after check out the logreader binding. Frontail is just a logviewer.

Many thanks.

But why is persistence not stopping when frontail halts?

Persistence restarted this morning when I disabled zram.

Sorry for the typo, persistence IS stopping when frontail halts!

Is your zram file system full? Nothing can write to a full file system.

I think the message that may be key of the problem you did not mention in this thread.
Is this message shown every night ?

The message says that it may result in undefined behavior …

Yes, every night.