FrOSCon 2024

Hi all,

FrOSCon has been announced for August 17+18, 2024
It is one of the bigger Open Source conferences in Europe and definitely the biggest in Germany - it has always been fun to attend it and I can very much recommend it (btw, it is free!).

We (the openHAB Foundation) have been accepted to have a booth again so that we can show openHAB to interested people and talk about it. As it is always more fun, if a few people are present at the booth, we are looking for community members that would love to help us there. If you are interested, please let us know (either here on the thread or via DM). Many thanks!

@stefan.hoehn @florian-h05 @Confectrician FYI and further planning…


Please share pictures :slight_smile: let me live vicariously through you guys :smiley: (eventually I’ll have to align one of my work trips to Wernau with one of these events :smiley: )

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