Frunk/Trunk Bug for OH2 Tesla Binding 2.5.2

I was wondering if the remote “fronttrunk” and “reartrunk” channels are supported for the model 3 in the current Tesla 2.5.2 binding. My model 3 is connected and i can control most channels (including honk, battery charge level, etc.) but when i try to activate the item connected to my front or rear trunk channels, i get the following error in my logs:

[WARN ] [internal.handler.TeslaAccountHandler] - Reached the maximum number of errors (2) for the current interval (15 seconds).

Guessing this is related to Tesla wanting confirmation on remotely opening these. Is there a way to give this permission or open these via a switch in OH2. Thanks to the author for this (and the great past versions) of the software.

I see the same problem. I tested the Tesla API directly and I was able to open my trunk without confirmation:

curl --request POST --header 'Authorization: Bearer 9999999-snipped-00000 ' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"which_trunk":"rear"}' ''

Then I reviewed the code for the Tesla binding and found it was using the wrong command.
I created an issue in github.

I’ve created a PR for applying Tony’s findings:

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