FS20 / RSU switch issue with CUL


I finally got my CUL working with OH2 on my QNAP to control my FS20 switches.
Everything is working well with normal Switches - power on/off is easy to control :slight_smile:

However I got a problem to control the shutters with RSU switch.
ON click start shutter going UP, OFF going DOWN.
To stop the moving shutter you need to click the same direction again.
This however is not working. Either the shutter is going UP till the end position, or DOWN to the end position, however I cannot stop it in between :frowning:

Any clue how to get this fixed?

Many thanks


does nobody has any clue how to solve the issue, or was my question not clear enough? :frowning:

Just to add some more clarity. Below command was used in the item config:

Switch Rollo "Rollo" [ "Switchable" ] {fs20="630D00", autoupdate="false"}

In the sitemap I defined the following switch:

Switch	item=Rollo label="Schalter" icon="light"

This setup is a problem as I cannot really control the shutter behavior.
The shutter is either going UP or DOWN completely, but I cannot stop it in between anymore.

I found some comments in FHEM wiki about this RSU behavior and the workaround to apply.
However I don’t know how to do it in OpenHAB :frowning:


Ideally I should have 2 Buttons, one Button for UP, and another for DOWN.
When the UP button is clicked, the shutter should go UP until the UP button is pushed again.
Same for the DOWN button.

Can this be achieved somehow?

Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:


When using a switch OH will alternate between sending ON and OFF. In your case I would use a raw command for an explicit (and only) ON button and an explicit OFF button. I’m not using the FS20 commands, however you should be able to see the actual (raw) commands in the log (hoping, not knowing!)

Many thanks for your hint.
I added a rule and use sendCommand ON or OFF now using a Proxy Item .
This setup is working now :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

How did you solve the issue , i have similar issues.

I am a newbie and i have some difficulties.

What works the Switch WS1 and Dimmer WD1

What does not work Switch GS and more important Rollershutter WRR

I didnt understand the syntax ofr Rollershutter to be honest. HELP!!!

Here is my fs20.item

Switch WS1 “Wohnzimmer Orange Lampe” { fs20=“C2F845” }
Dimmer WD1 “Wohnzimmer Designer Lampe” { fs20=“C2F840” }
Switch GS “Garte Bambus Lampe” { fs20=“C2F865” }
Rollershutter WRR “Rollade Wohnzimmer Rechts [%s]” { fs20=“C2F816” }

here is my sitemap

sitemap myfirstsite label=“My First Sitemap” {

Switch item=WS1
Slider item=WD1
Switch item=GS
Switch item=WRR


Please help

Don’t think you can use Rollershutter with FS20 and CUL but Switch and Dimmer items only.

I did the following to make my setup work.
Hope this helps to adapt your rollershutter setup, but maybe someone else can provide a better approach for your requirements :slight_smile:

Things Config:

// FS20 Markise	
Switch Markise "Markise"  {fs20="xxxxxx", autoupdate="false"}

Items Config:

// FS20 Proxy Item Markise
Switch Markise_Proxy_Item "Markise_Dummy_Item" {autoupdate="false"} 

Rules config:

// Markisensteuerung
rule "Markise_Proxy_Item received command"
        Item Markise_Proxy_Item received command
                logInfo( "Rules", "Markise EINFAHREN"  )
        else if(receivedCommand==OFF){
				logInfo( "Rules", "Markise AUSFAHREN"  )