Ftpupload configuration name and location

Basically I’m trying to implement the example in the ftpupload documentation for a camera trigger. After some back and forth with the Reolink camera technical support, it came to light their FTP output does not support TLS, but does support SSL 3.0. I verified this by ticking that box on my windows FTP set-up and the camera was able to connect and send images and video when motion was triggered. However, my OH 2.4 is on the Rpi3 and I have struggled to find the files that the ftpupload binding uses. Below is the log of a typical failed login attempt (many have been tried with different ID’s and passwords).

2019-09-02 17:50:15.116 [INFO ] [server.listener.nio.FtpLoggingFilter] - RECEIVED: USER openhab
2019-09-02 17:50:15.126 [DEBUG] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.USER] - Currently 0 out of 10 anonymous users logged in
2019-09-02 17:50:15.130 [DEBUG] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.USER] - Currently 0 out of 10 users logged in
2019-09-02 17:50:15.139 [INFO ] [server.listener.nio.FtpLoggingFilter] - SENT: 331 User name okay, need password for openhab.

2019-09-02 17:50:15.144 [INFO ] [server.listener.nio.FtpLoggingFilter] - RECEIVED: PASS *****
2019-09-02 17:50:15.147 [DEBUG] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.PASS] - Currently 0 out of 10 users logged in
2019-09-02 17:50:15.158 [WARN ] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.PASS] - User failed to log in
2019-09-02 17:50:15.162 [DEBUG] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.PASS] - Waiting for 500 milliseconds due to login failure
2019-09-02 17:50:15.665 [WARN ] [g.apache.ftpserver.command.impl.PASS] - Login failure - openhab
2019-09-02 17:50:15.673 [DEBUG] [g.apache.ftpserver.impl.FtpIoSession] - Statistics login decreased due to user logout
2019-09-02 17:50:15.676 [INFO ] [server.listener.nio.FtpLoggingFilter] - SENT: 530 Authentication > failed.

2019-09-02 17:50:15.678 [INFO ] [server.listener.nio.FtpLoggingFilter] - CLOSED
2019-09-02 17:50:15.681 [DEBUG] [che.ftpserver.impl.DefaultFtpHandler] - Closing session
2019-09-02 17:50:15.692 [DEBUG] [che.ftpserver.impl.DefaultFtpHandler] - Statistics login and connection count decreased due to session close
2019-09-02 17:50:15.694 [DEBUG] [che.ftpserver.impl.DefaultFtpHandler] - Session closed

To help me understand the Apache FTP server better, I downloaded and installed it as a standalone application on the RPI. In the simplified mode with no SSL and unencrypted passwords (another possible issue if the Apache Karaf is doing double duty as both the shell and FTP configuration), the camera was able to connect to the Rpi. However, I need to connect to the OH integrated Apache FTP server to use activity on the channels in rules, etc.

Since someone might ask, I have already used the IPcamera binding to get images and animated GIFs when my z-wave motion detectors are triggered. I would like to have the camera motion as a back-up trigger.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Please provide all related configurations.

Thanks for taking a look at my post. I’m not sure of any related configurations besides the one I’m trying to locate, since I can’t login to the OH ftp server

Basically I have a stable working OH2.4 system (about 30 z-wave nodes) on a RPi3. I went to PaperUI and added the ftpupload binding. Since the above post I did a further test to take the camera out of the problem. Instead I tried to connect to the ftp server via Filezilla using my login credentials to my Pi with the following result shown below. (I have also tried openhab, admin, anonymous, etc. with various passwords to no avail). I now am thinking it is simply a password problem, but don’t know where to find it or how to change it.

You need to add imagereceiver thing provided by the ftpupload binding. For imagereceiver thing you define username and password. Same username and password need to be configured to camera, so when camera recognize motion it will send image to ftpupload binding (ftp server is provided by the ftpupload binding). Ftpupload binding authenticate camera and route file upload to correct thing (routing is done by the username of the thing).


Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough but I meant binding configuration.

Hopefully Pauli provided all the info you need.

Thanks. I had an incorrect picture in my mind about how this was supposed to work, basically thinking the server could be accessed independently. Anyway I set up four Things in OH, one for each camera and got a successful test from the camera side, so problem solved.

Now I need to work through the rest of the documentation.