Fully Kiosk Browser running Habpanel


I am working on my new project of a wall-mounted tablet.
Actually I am pretty satified and love Fully Kiosk browser (FKB) and Habpanel.

FKB provides nice features like remote control / locking the screen remotely and motion detection.

However, when I restart the app, it always goes back to the local habpanel configuration even though I changed it several times to the configuration stored on the OH 2.1 stable runtime system (Rapsberry with openhabian 1.3).

Someone else got this problem?

Make sure you don’t delete or disable any cookies.
There is one setting in “Contents” and one in “Auto Reload”.

Thanks @sihui,
I found the cookies setting in Auto Reload (it was deactivated).
I did not find the other one (do you mean “Enable Third Party Cookies”)?

Changing the first seems to work.
I will need to monitor it though.

Thanks a lot for the quick help.

By the way:
Is there any guide which apps I really need to run the tablet as a dedicated habpanel display?
It’s anoying that I sometimes get messages that other apps consume a lot CPU and / or memory.

The option “Delete cookies on Auto reload” should be deactivated, otherwise if you use any Auto-Reload options it will delete the cookies and therefore your setting to stay on the server side config of HABPanel.

Enable Third Party Cookies should be activated, although I don’t know if the settings are stored in a third party cookie.

FKB, nothing more. Depending on your operating system you may need the Android Webview, but that’s it. I’ve resetted my tablet to default before hanging it onto the wall, so there is nothing on it except the account for getting Play Store apps.

Edit: actually you don’t need FKB if you don’t want to use the features, a plain stock browser works to display HABPanel.

Of course. It was deactivated AFTER I changed it - so should be ok :wink:

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