Funny Alexa quotes

OK this is truly off topic but sometimes Alexa can be down right funny
just now
Me: Alexa… turn on the desk light
Alexa: There are more then one device with the name desk light, which one do you want to turn on?
Me: Any of them
Alex: Sorry, I did not find a device named ‘any of them’

yeah… I’m still sitting here in the dark laughing

Another good one is to ask Alexa if she can talk like yoda… try it, it’s pretty cute

Using rules and Alexa you can have lots of fun.:grinning:

I used this rule with an Altek (used to change the temp manually) and temp probe. This one got me in trouble.:smile: Note, I censored some of the Alexa comments.

rule "Test Switch with Alexa"
    Member of gTemp changed
	var testName =
	var state = triggeringItem.state as Number
	var new_state = "UNKOWN"

    logInfo("This light:", testName + triggeringItem.state )
    switch true { 
        case state < 71  : new_state = "My xxxxx, are hard, a bit to Cold, dont you think"
        case state >= 78 : new_state = "Its too xxxxx, Hot, time to get naked"
		case state < 78 && state >= 76  : new_state = "Its still hot in here, and I don't mean, the good kind, either"
		case state < 75 && state >= 74 : new_state = "Slow, but getting cooler"
		case state < 73 && state >= 72 : new_state = "This is perfect weather, for procreation, don't you think"
	if(triggeringItem.state != new_state){
		Echo_Plus_TTS.sendCommand("The" + testName + "has an update," + new_state ) 

OK stuff you made her say doesn’t count :rofl:

True but it’s hilarious to watch others, especially when they have no idea who’s behind the curtain.:smile:

In fact the whole ‘my house is automated, watch this’ is cool… of course then it doesn’t work :disappointed_relieved:

Alexa: I love my wife.

ahhh cute
Alexa’s reply: make sure she knows it

good advice