Further Documentation?

When I started with openHAB 2 I purchased the book

Spiller, Marianne, Smart Home mit openHAB 2

where I got a lot of inspirations and information how to setup openHAB.

openHAB 3 provides a lot more functionality through its UI and when the normal upgrade through openHABian did not work, I decided to do a fresh install. It turned out to be an excellent decision.

Now, I would like to learn more about the new capabilities, especially the widgets.

Is there any documentation beyond what could be found on the openHAB Web-Site, that I could use to learn more about?

I hope I expressed it well enough and I thank for any response.

Did you check our officional openHAB Youtube channel ?
There are very good tutorials for openHAB 3…

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Not yet. Thank you for your hint