GA and vanne: bug or feature?

I’m wondering why my vannes are available through Google since I don’t want them to appear. Is it a bug or a feature of the GA integration?
My Items definition (only via TXT files) is the following:

Switch posElectroVanneHallComble        "Vanne Hall Comble GM"      <heating> (grGM_2d_Hall)        ["Valve"]	{channel="knx:device:MERTEN:ABB_GM5:posElectroVanneHallComble"}
Switch posElectroVanneBureauHallNiv1    "Vanne Hall 1er Bureau GM"  <heating> (grGM_1er_Hall)    	["Valve"]	{channel="knx:device:MERTEN:ABB_GM5:posElectroVanneBureauHallNiv1"}

Do you have any idea why I see them in Google?

Look in $OH_USERDATA/jsondb/org.openhab.core.items.Metadata.json. Do you see “ga” metadata for these Items there?

No, I don’t :frowning:
and I don’t see any of the “Valve” items in that file … good or bad news?

Neither, just working to figure out why those Items might be showing up.

Have these Items ever had GA metadata?
Have these Items ever had GA tags?
After removing the tags/metadata did you “sync my devices”?

Depending on the answers we might need to explore the REST API. It does seem like somehow these Items were exposed and it’s still cached for some reason.

thank you for your insight.
I’ve follow this thinking, remove all Google Assistant from my Openhab project …
and then I’ve simply created a new link between GA and Openhab … and the Vannes are now disapeared …
Thank you