GA noob issues

Hey guys, first post here.
I am currently connecting my tasmota flashed sonoff RF Bridge to my openHab and I am looking to operate my blinds with it through google assistant. I have the 3 motions (up/stop/down) listed as 3 different channels in the FR_Bridge “Thing”. These channels are listed as switches that time back to off with metadata. This solution is simple and works well to put onto pages but its cumbersome at best when add to ga. When linked to ga and the class select as “switches” I can say “Hey google, turn blind 4 up ON” to go up etc etc. This obviously isnt good enough as google will never see it go down and so I wont get to use the up command again without updating its status manually. How can this be improved? I only want to send a basic command with google and have openhab and/or nodered to the rest.

In openHAB create a item roller shutter and tag it

  • Rollershutter { ga="Awning" [ inverted=true ] } (all Rollershutter items can use the inverted option)
  • Rollershutter { ga="Blinds" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Curtain" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Door" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Garage" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Gate" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Pergola" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Shutter" }
  • Rollershutter { ga="Window" }

Then you can use rules to get your items to do whatever they want

Thanks, I am sure its something minor I am doing wrong but I gave up on the rollershutter function (which I can make work perfect in openHab) because google seams to need upper/lower position feedback to work which I cannot give. In openhab i can get the roller shutter function to show an up/stop/down button configuration but in ga it displays an open/closed limit and a play/stop button. These only work in the lowering direction to start/stop.