Garadget - openHAB compatible smart garage door controller

Garadget is affordable, easy-to-install openHAB compatible open source garage door controller.
After successfully funded and fulfilled crowdfunding campaign earlier this year it is now available for purchase at Tindie and other fine online retailers.

I’m a creator of the product and will be happy to answer any question and address any concerns.

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I just installed mine yesterday, it took about an hour start to finish to get it set up and working with openHAB2 thanks to @watou’s excellent binding. It is great to be able to see when the door is activated.

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Have you considered making a version that supports driveway gates? Very similar to controlling a garage door yet the laser would need to be rethought.

Denis will have a better answer, but I know from the Garadget community forum that you can add a device to your Garadget that takes the place of the input from the light sensor, and the Garadget can be made weatherproof as long as the laser+light sensor aren’t needed.


Dennis - Can you speak to a gate option?



@KidSquid, thanks for your interest in Garadget.

I’ve created a modified firmware version which supports the regular contacts sensor. Please see this thread for more info.

I’ll be happy to answer your questions if you have any.


Thanks for the info. Is there a possible option for a wireless contact closure so I don’t need to run wire down the length of my slide gate??



The laser sensor was the the wireless option, but it may have difficult time in the daylight.
What kind of wireless contact you had in mind?


I’m thinking some kind of wireless contact switch…maybe something that’s either RF or BT.

I know there are wireless contact switches for alarm systems such as this… (this one is pricey…used for illustrative purposes only)

I’m wondering if there is something similar that could talk back to your device.


From what I can tell, these use the proprietary Honeywell wireless protocol. Garadget only has the standard 2.4GHz WiFi radio and will not be able to talk to them.

As I mentioned - the device I linked to was only for illustrative purposes. I was trying to show you the style. There are many wireless contact switches supporting many different protocols and technologies. I evidently gave a poor illustrative link of the type of wireless contact device I was hoping could be incorporated.

Do you think there is some similar that might provide open/close information?

Unfortunately, it will be the same situation with other wireless sensors.
They all rely on their own wireless protocols supported by their respective hubs, but not know to Garadget.