Garage door support in Loxone binding

Hi, any idea on how to connect to a Garage door block in Loxone from openhab. There is no support for this type of block.
Cuttently I have created a Switch block that mimics (and acts on ) the state of the garage door block to be able to use it from openhab but it is not a clean solution.

Likely some volunteer (you?) needs to add the support.
As an alternative, some users have set up bounties where they pay for an added feature.

I will try to install the IDE again. If I succede to set it up I will give it a try. It should be close to the Blind Block.
Lets see if I can do it in Christmas.

Hi, I updated the Loxone binding to support the Garage/Gate module. I have been using it for a while. It looks as a Rollershutter in openhab and a WindowCovering in HomeKit which is not ideal at all for many reasons but to create a Gate item in openhab and to implement the Garage Door Opener in HomeKit is a bit too much for me. Any idea on how to get help with the openhab infrastructure and the HomeKit part?