Garden - controlling water computer

Has anyone managed to control the water computer (i.e. turning water on/off) using the binding? If they have, would you mind posting Thing and Item definitions, and an example rule/sitemap? Would be much appreciated.




Bridge gardena:account:home [ email="...", password="..." ]
  Thing watering_computer wasserhahn [ deviceId="..." ]

Some Items:

DateTime Wasserhahn_Zuletzt_Online 	"Zuletzt Online [%1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY %1$tH:%1$tM]" 	{ channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:wasserhahn:device_info#last_time_online"}
Number   Wasserhahn_Batterie 		"Batterie [%d %%]" 									{ channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:wasserhahn:battery#level"}

Switch  Wasserhahn_Ventil 			"Ventil" 											{ channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:wasserhahn:outlet#valve_open"}
Number  Wasserhahn_Dauer 			"Dauer [%d min]" 									{ channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:wasserhahn:outlet#button_manual_override_time"}
Number  Wasserhahn_Temperatur		"Temperatur [%d °]" 			<temperature>		{ channel="gardena:watering_computer:home:wasserhahn:ambient_temperature#temperature"}

Rule: you always have to send the duration first, e.g 30 minutes:

sendCommand(Wasserhahn_Dauer, 30)
sendCommand(Wasserhahn_Ventil, ON)

brilliant - thank you!


First of all, thanks for all the time you put into the binding! :bowing_man:

Can you tell me

What is the meaning of the values of " Signal Strength" ? I saw values of 0-2 for radio#state. Do you know their meanings?

You mentioned “Some Items:” above. On discovery paper UI only shows

  • battery#level
  • radio#state
  • outlet#valve_open

You are addionally mentioning

  • outlet#button_manual_override_time
  • ambient_temperature#temperature
  • device_info#last_time_online

Is this the complete list or are there more?

Thanks in advance,