Garden irrigation - my way to less work and greener grass

In the course of the insulation of our house, we dig it out completely in order to reseal the cellar as well. Since the irrigation pump is located in the basement and a large part of the garden has been dredged, we came up with the idea to also reestablish the irrigation of the garden.

The pump, a few valves, a little control, of course with openHAB, sprinkler etc. and the garden is always green. Very quickly we noticed that the idea was good, but the implementation was not so simple.

That is why I would like to tell you about our trip to the garden green in the next weeks. Currently, all components have been ordered, but have not yet arrived. I will put everything into operation step by step and report here.

I will try to describe all components as exactly as possible and for those who are interested, I will gladly name my sources of supply. Depending on the component you can save a lot of money.

So much for today. Happy gardening



You might find some use with Design Pattern: Cascading Timers combined with Design Pattern : Expire Binding based Countdown timer for the Rules.

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I’ll wait to read about your experience. I’m really in love with OpenHab from almost 6 years and all my house is managed by an OpenHabIan that controls everything. My experience seen some trouble using massive logic in rules (java cpu 100% after some time for example) and, in order to have better resilience, i’ve choose to use specialized systems for very specific (and well supported) task. About gardening I’m using a full software clone of OpenSprinkler that is SIP leaving OpenHab to get and report in the house dashboard the significant statuses using the mqtt integration.

well, I just realized a garden irrigation with RaspberryPi, openHAB2 and mariaDB.
It was quite easy and simple!
Solenoid valves and some sensors direct connected to Pi’s GPIO.
Few openHAB rules and a little bit of code to read sensors by deamons and write values to DB.
OK: there where some initial difficulties with openHAB2 coding. But not focused to this I’m really be thrilled how easy it was.

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