Gardena Binding - Different behavior between OH4 and OH3


I’m running a Gardena Smart System and I’ve found an odd behavior on the valve duration in the irrigation control.

When setting a duration on a valve in the Gardena SmartApp to 20 min., I’ll get different results in OH3.4.4 and OH4.0#3482

On both OH-installations, I’m using the default Gardena binding out of the box.

OH 3.4.4
Main UI: 20 min.
Log: Valve_6_Duration changed from 0 min to 20 min

Main UI: 0.3333333333333333 min ( 20 min are 0.33 hour)
Log: Valve_6_Duration’ changed from 0 s to 20 s

Durations and Units are mixed up. Rules aren’t working anymore.

Things and Items files are identical on OH4 and OH3.4.4. No other changes!

Does any other user observed the same behavior?

Your units are mixed up. openHAB 4 a a separation of internal and display unit. It depends on your configuration if and what needs adjustment.


I’ve checked the item definition. It was defined as Number:Time.
When I changed it to Number, everthing seems ok.

Number:Time is fine, but it depends on the channel if it works as expected. If the channel sends a value including unit, everything works fine. If not, you have to set a proper unit metadata to match the unit that needs to be added. If you don’t add the unit metadata in that case, the system default is used and that is s for time.

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