Gardena binding - Gardena Smart System Account is not connecting - "unauthorized.client"

Dear swarm knowledge,

i have the following problem. The Gardena binding constantly produced the error

429 null, {“message”:“Limit Exceeded”}"

I then generated a new Husqvarna API key and tried to connect it to the Gardena Smart System account again. Since then I’ve been getting the error

Error 400 Bad Request, {“error”:“unauthorized_client”,“error_description”:“Unauthorized client: grant_type is invalid”,“error_code”:“unauthorized.client”}

I have already created a second Husqvarna account for testing but the same error occurs with this one. I also generated a new API key for both accounts several times. Nevertheless, the same error occurs. All login details are correct. Is it possible that a 2 factor authentication through the binding at husquana has to be done in order to connect correctly? I would be very grateful if someone could support me. Otherwise my garden will dry up because the irrigation is not running :slight_smile:

Regarding the invalid grant_type, please see:

As you probably can’t wait for 3.4 in December, you can grab the last JAR here:

Regarding the 429 (“Limit Exceeded”) error, please follow this thread:

Hi Jacob,

the new binding worked. Thanks for your help!