Gardena Binding - Smart Pressure Pump

I use the Gardena-Binding and work perfect. Now I will add an pressure pump but it don’t work.
Here is the part for this device from the json interface: devices.json (16.8 KB)

Thanks for an integration.

Kind regards


Hi Manuel!

I asked Gardena a while ago if they can provide me an account with a pressure pump. This was unfortunately rejected.
So thank you for the json file! I will integrate it and came back to you for tests.

I’m sure there are also some commands you need to find out with the help of the web ui, so i can integrate them too.


Thank you very mutch. And when is nessesairy, the I can give you my Gardena-Login for a short time. I wirte you a private message with my email.



Hey guys, any progress on this one already (I know it’s just a few days…:slight_smile: I installed my new Gardena Smart Pressure Pump today and also would like to integrate it into my Openhab setup. Let me know if I can support you with any investigations (like the commands mentioned by Gerhard).
By the way: Thanks work working on this topic anyways!

waiting for approval, see:

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Thank you very mutch for your work. All work very well.