Gas tank gauge digitalizing


I have a gas tank wich is rent from the gas delivery company, so i cannot change something at this tank.
I will implement the actual gas filling level in openhab. But at the tank its only a anlaog manometer with the content in %. Here i have an example pic of such a gauge.
How is it possible to read this gauge and digitalizeit? Maybee i can use a camera to make a foto and can read the position of the indicator by software? But wich camera and wich software can handle this? Or give it some other solutions for that?


Take a look at this - I’ve not used it personally, but it looks fairly flexible and might work :slight_smile:

This looks good. Thanks.

Have anbody an advice for a cheap wlan camera for taking the fotos for this processing?

Does the tank comes with the manometer or is it on the tank valve assembly?

I mean this wich is signed as “Inhaltsanzeige”.

Could you put a digital gauge on Flussigentnahmeventil?

No, its a rented tank, i can and will nothing change.

Ok, I was just trying to think out of the box.
Your only solution will indeed be a camera system



Any cheap webcam will do, you may have to play with the lighting a bit, though.