Gateway and Binding for Xiaomi Aqara

Hey guys,
in search for affordable Temperature/Huminidity sensors I came across the Xiaomi Aqara Sensors (about $8 each)
Before that I tried to fiddle with NodeMcu and DHT22 seonsors but I gave up because 4 AA Batteries only lasted aprox 1 Week which is not really feasable.

What is the best way to integrate the sensors into openhab?
I do have the Xiaomi Vacuum integrated but I guess I can’t use that only uses Wifi.
As far as I learned I need some kind of gateway which uses the ZigBee standard.
I also use PhilipsHue with their Bridge. Can use the Bridge to gather the info from the Sensors?
Easiest for me would be to get the Data via MQTT, or via a designated Binding.
What I don’t want is a gateway that uses the Internet.

Thanks for your help.

Either use the Xiaomi gateway or use this:

(Leared about it myself today :slight_smile: )

Indeed sounds interesting. Do you happen to know if I can run that on the same raspi I am running openhab on? Or would I need a seperate device?

Yes you can. That’s how most of us use it. Make best use of the PI :slight_smile: I have an Aeotec ZWave stick and this sniffer plugged in two USP port. A bit squeezed, but it works.

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Alright. That sounds good. Exactly my setup. I will order the desired parts then. Only problem I read about was range. I don’t have a whole lot of routing devices so I might have to invest in another OSRAM Plug or a CC2530

Actually buying a gateway is the same money as buying a Zigbee dongle and the hardware to flash it (in case of CC253x. The gateway is about 30$ and you can easily use the MiHome binding. I was trying Zigbee2Mqtt for a while and then bought me some sensor which was not supported so I stick with MiHome.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. But I still ordered the parts for now. I thought it might be easier to integrate them using MQTT. If the dongle fails, I’ll just switch to the actual gateway and order one of those.