Gateway for control multiple OH2 servers

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: QuadCore i3/4GB RAM/128GB SSD
    • OS: Centos7
    • Java Runtime Environment: java1.8
    • openHAB version: OpenHab2
  • Issue of the topic:

I’m new in OH so please bear with me. AFAIK, OH2 has ability to control all devices in 1 house using LAN and other wireless technology such as ZWave. But I don’t see (…or I missed) OH2 could control 2 house’s devices at the same time without using additional OH2 in the second house. For an example, I have 2 house, first house I send command to MIOS controller and then send command to smart device, second house, likewise.

If I create OH2 server to control my second house, then I have many web portal that I should open for control purpose.

My current solution is I should “coding” to make gateway for both OH2 servers, or any suggestion from elder OH2?

Many Thanks

There’s at least 3 ways in principle. Plus the gateway approach you mention but I’d refrain from using a system which is meant to be another controller as a gateway. It may work but sooner or later you’ll run into trouble if you "mis"use systems like that.

  1. setup OH master in house A and another OH in house B and create ‘proxy’ items for all of the devices in B, then use the MQTT eventbus to link every item/device in B to its proxy in A.
  2. use only devices of a technology to have “a range” over to B such as WiFi/IP, eventually Z-Wave is enough if the 2nd house is next door.
  3. build your own gateway, e.g. get another Z-Wave stick, put it in a RPi and use ser2net to bridge ZWave across IP.

If you only use Z-Wave the best way is ser2net / Socat from Main House to a Raspberry with an ZWave Stick in the Second House.