Gateway timeout

I’ve set up a cloud connection to and I can log in.
However, whenever I try to go to my dashboard I get either a 503 or a 504. I searched the archives and found a few similar messages but no solutions. In those cases it seems to have been temporary but I have had this issue for several days now. reports everything OK so I’m guessing that it is something with my setup?

From your handle I think i was able to look you up in our system. Our logs show this on the 5th, times are in UTC:

2024-06-05 14:19:07:077 info: Disconnected uuid ************************

and then this about 6 hours ago

2024-06-07 16:46:21:2121 info: connection success for uuid ***************************

Are you still having issues, or where you able to connect after you posted your message?

Seems I can get to everything apart from the dashboard.
Still getting a 504 on that.

Hi @digitaldan,
I tried again this morning and I’m still getting the timeout when trying to go to the dashboard.
Any thought?

Can you give a lot more details about your setup, what version of openHAB, what type of system you are running on it, java version, etc…?

it actually sounds like maybe you disablded remote access in the settings? If it seems to hang for a long time and then timeouts, that would be the fist thing to check

Well, I could have sworn that I tried both of those settings but when I went back it was on Notification only. I changed it and now its working.
Sorry for the noise.

Glad to hear you got it working.