GCAL Authentication Problem


I’m trying to implement a way to control actuators from a scheduler (for example enabling dishwasher to work at a certain hour)

To do so, I’m trying to enable gcal. I’m using the last version (org.openhab.io.gcal-1.7.1) but I’m getting this error:

[g.internal.GCalEventDownloader] - gcal with username and password
[g.internal.GCalEventDownloader] - authentication failed: Error authenticating (check service name)

I’ve copied the xml url from the calendar settings and I’ve added to openhab.cof file.

Can you help me to solve this or point a alternative way to implement a calendar driven events for openhab?

Many thanks,

Nuno Rios

I am not sure it is working at all.

The wiki talked about a fix and tells you to use 1.5.1, but I have not had any success with it.

(I have since updated the wiki)

There is an alternative binding using calDAV.

However I tend to use IFTTT with my.openhab and the openHAB channel on IFTTT. Then add the Google Calendar channel and you can setup multiple (ifttt) rules to trigger events as you please.

Good luck