GCAL in combination with Sunrise/-set?

We’re using the gcal (google calendar) to schedule most of our things.
I was now wondering if it would possible to use the sunrise/sunset option with a google event?
I’m just trying to make it simple for the end users. You know the feeling… If you want them to use it, you must make it simple for them.

In the google calendar something like

 start {
    send LIGHT_A ON    if sunrise is passed
 end {
    send LIGHT A OFF


 start if sunrise is passed {
    send LIGHT_A ON    
 end {
    send LIGHT A OFF

Or maybe a special google event option? :blush:

Unfortunately, the sunrise/sunset calendar option is gone from google calendar
There is this option to import a calendar:

You can then put your openHAB actions in the events

hmmm, since I’ve got a dedicated agenda for OpenHAB, it will be a bit hard to keep an overview or synced, no?
And I don’t see how I can create events that OH will follow since the sunset ‘moves’ all the time.

Like for example I want only lights to be turned on from sunset till 20h30.

You should use the astro binding.
and see:

I’m using that one already.
But the whole thing is that I would like to keep all scheduled things in the google calendar. This so everybody can schedule things (without the need of scripts/ruling…).

Yes, scheduling is a hot potato in openHAB.
Unfortunately there is no native scheduling and that’s why we use gcal as one option.
You can move all the events generated by Gearside to “your” calendar.
If you follow the link you will see that you can generate a calendar for your longitude and latitude so the events will “move”

Scheduling is working nice with the gcal.

But of course, there’s always somebody that wants something ‘special’… :blush:

ps would be great if the events of google could contain some special scripting like ‘if, when…’. This way, we’re a bit free in what we send. I did a test with a single pushover message, but seems not to work…