GE/JASCO 46203 Dimmer Double Press

I have configured a 46203 Dimmer (which controls in ceiling can lights) with a double press to control a wall plug item that is connected to a lamp in the room.

It works perfectly. The issue I have is I do not see the double press reflected in the log, nor does the wall plug item update to correct status. Is this correct behavior, and is there anything that can be configured to correct this?

Which log? The event log?

Yes, event log. In experimenting I used the Scene channel of the dimmer to control the wall plug, and that seems to update the status with double press when turning on, but not when turned off.

Similar to this I suppose: GE Smart Switch not throwing double tap scene event - #24 by TheJM

So, openHAB is not expected to eavesdrop on the private conversation between dimmer and wallplug.
But the mystery wallplug device is not reporting a status change to openHAB?

That’s correct. The wallplug is a GE 28169 / Jasco 28168 Plug in Smart Switch. When I manually turn on wallplug it reports. I’ve never seen a Z-Wave device (I have over 30) change state and not report that change.