GE/Jasco New Z-Wave Light Switch not recognized

I recently picked up 2 GE/Jasco Z-Wave switches ( When I added them to my Z-Wave network, OH gave me a message that the device is not in the database. I’m pretty new here and am not sure if this is where I raise the issue or somewhere else. If someone could let me know that would be great. Attached is the properties of the device (the manufacturer is set to 99 which is the same as my other GE/Jasco switches).

Thank you.

What version of OpenHAB? You may need to update your zwave binding.
The device is in our database here.

openHAB 2.4.0-1

That may be too old. This scrip can update the binding for you.

You should then delete the Thing from OpenHAB & re-discover it.

excellent. Thank you!

It worked then?

Haven’t had a chance to try it…later today.

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I ended up upgrading to 2.5M3 (I didn’t recognize that as an option on the download page). Once I updated to 2.5M3 the devices both came up properly. I didn’t have to re-add them, I tested them and they work just fine. Thanks for the help.


thanks for reporting back Dan
And… the rest of your set up is running well on 2.5M3? good to know
Welcome to the OpenHAB community

good job Bruce as well

Everything else seems to be running alright…I did have to go a “touch *” every file in the items directory to get them to show up on the sitemap. But, other than that working great! (And the iOS app now supports the video mpeg, so even better!)