GE/Jasco Threeway switches (12722/12723) status readback

I’ve got a 12722 switch wired with the add on switch 12723. This works:

  1. Electrically the load is turned on off from both the main switch and the add-on switch
  2. I can send z-wave message to the 12722 switch to turn the load on and off.
  3. I can see openHAB update its status if the load is turned on or off via the 12722 switch.

The problem is that openHAB does not update its status when the load is switch from the add-on switch. Looking at the z-wave log it appears that no message is sent from the switch if the add-on switch is triggered.

Does any one have any experience with these switches?

Thanks for the help



I just installed 8 of the 12722 and 10 of the 12723 switches. Testing with IMATools that came with my z-wave stick, I can confirm the update was only sent when the 12722 was switched, not when the 12723 was switched. Frustrating.

To deal with this, in my item definition, I set the refresh_interval to a reasonable number. Since I’m not using this switch’s state to trigger any rules, I settled on 120 seconds.

Switch Light_Outside_Garage “Garage Light” (Outdoor) {zwave=“8:command=switch_binary,refresh_interval=120”}


Thanks for confirming what I’m seeing.

I guess I’ll start hunting for switches that work correctly…