GE Window A/C - SmartHQ

Just picked up three GE windows A/C units. They connect to their SmartHQ system via WiFi. It appears there is an API. Anyone know any details? Binding? Seems the SmartHQ can control any newer GE device from hot water heater… to expresso maker! lol

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I just came across these GE A/C units too (not purchasing… yet? Still looking for other solutions). I have some GE z-wave switches that are rock solid so do like their products. A SmartHQ binding probably would be a win since its more than a one trick pony.

I’m developing the binding for LG API Smart Thinq and it’s very stable. The support for A/C is ready to control target temperature,operation mode, some special functions and fan speed. You can follow it at the topic

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No kidding? Well that is even better news since LG is my go to brand!

I’ll read through your thread but basically what you are saying is yourn binding would support this:

Is that correct?

Yes, dude. Since your device supports LG Thinq integration, you are able to use LG Thinq binding.

But, i’ve never tried integrate with this window model. It has a really good chance to works out of the box, but if need some changes to works, i can do it.

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@shady9191 , i think there is no binding natively for GE Window AC. But reading the data sheet from your device, i noticed its ready to ifttt integration. Openhab is almost ready to integrate to ifttt devices, but for the newest versions, its not enabled by default. Maybe you need some effort to be it to working, but i think it would be worth. See this decumtentation:

And this:

Sorry for the delayed response @nemer . I pretty sure I’ll end up with that or another LG model so I will post how that goes. I’m not a fan of using IFTTT so GE would be a hard pass (for now?)

I take it this is the link…

…and this file gets dropped into /var/lib/openhab/tmp/kar/openhab-addons-3.2.0/org/openhab/addons/bundles (as an example) ?

No, normally is on: /srv/openhab-addons or /usr/share/openhab/addons (they point to the same inode).
When you put there, automatically openhab will install it.

Sounds good.

One last question. Are you able to pull temperature and humidity from LG units even when they are “off”. I think I saw some of the other air conditioner add-ons are able to do that so they can double as a sensor in that regard.

I really don’t know. The LG Smart Thinq is a flexible API that supports different features depending on the device capabilities. If your AC has this sensor, its easy to map it in a channel through the binding. But i’ve never ever see a LG’s AC with this capability ( humidity)
But, to be honest, humidity sensors are one of the most easier and wide published DIY device in the internet. It is not a challenge to implement one and integrate it to OH.
See this one: DIY: Cheap wifi-based temperature/humidity sensor based on ESP8266 & DHT22

Ok. Fair enough. I have 2 units I’ll be putting in and the most critical one for my office won’t be done until next month in my office. I already have a sensor there and the AC unit is connected to a smart plug. I can set and forget that one since the LG also has power fail restart (or I think what they call auto start).

The unit that is going in first is not in an area that has sensors. It is only a nice-to-have function.

We’ll see :+1:t5: