GE Zwave Smart Switch Not Fully Discovered


I am trying to add a GE z-wave smart switch to my openhab2 instance. The box says it is version 28169-2. I am running openhabianpi and it is fully updated. Version 2.0.0 of the zwave binding is installed. I have a few other zwave devices added. After starting inclusion mode, a device with this id is added: Z-Wave Node 8 (0063:5052:3038:5.21). There are no channels available for the device and there is a “Key not found” error in the device description which says it may not be in the database. I think I see it in the database here:

Any tips?

Yes - that is the right entry for your device.

This is very old and certainly doesn’t contain your device which was “only” added to the database 7 months ago. You need to use a newer version of OH - 2.2 release should be fine.

Ah - It seems upgrading is not as simple as selecting ‘upgrade system’ in openhabian-config. I should be able to get it properly upgraded. Thanks for the quick response!