General Squeezebox Problem

Hello Guys,
im a OpenHab2 noob and i have a big Problem. Also when i open PaperUI and enter there the Player with Mute, Volume, Play it works fine and i can use all over PaperUI and HabDroid(PaperUI/Home). But when i want to make my own sitemap with categories i must use a other way rigth? In Both ways PaperUI and the Sitemap Mute and Volume works but Play and Power dont work!

I Download Designer open it and make squeeze.items and write there

Switch KitchenPlay “Play” { squeeze=“kitchen:play” }
Switch KitchenMute “Mute” { squeeze=“kitchen:mute” }
Dimmer KitchenVolume “Volumen” { squeeze=“kitchen:volume” }

in the squeeze.sitemap i write
Switch item=KitchenPlay mappings=[ON=“Play”, OFF=“Stop”]
Switch item=Kitchen Mute
Slider item=KitchenVolume

in the openhab.cfg (there i copy from github original) i write the Server and the Player

i think that i have a genarel Problem with the addon but i dont know where i find the right datas in the link stay that i Need and org.openhab.binding.squeezebox i install over PaperUI the binding but dont find the io what i do wronge?

Please help me. Thanks :wink:

Hi Andreas.

If you are using the OpenHAB2 squeezebox binding, configuration is different from the OH1 version of the binding.
Information can be found here for the OH2 version:

Thanks. But im realy auf openhab2 noob :slight_smile: that means that i need only this part…
Squeeze. Things
Bridge squeezebox:squeezeboxserver:myServer [ ipAddress=“”, webport=9000, cliport=9090 ]
Thing squeezeboxplayer myplayer[ mac=“00:f1:bb:00:00:f1” ]
And than write the items and sitemap?